Barbara Lange’s Bee-u-tiful Quilt Porn

While this quilt gives me the heebie jeebies due to all the bees (being stung is NOT on my bucket list), this quilt is beautiful and it certainly evokes a strong reaction. And it pricks me in an visceral way. It makes me hungry for the flavor of sweet golden honey. I do love the color scheme of Gesamtansicht bienenkoenigin by Barbara Lange. This is art quilt porn. Gesamtansicht bienenkoenigin by Barbara Lange

Quilt Porn? Really?

Quilt Porn has been around as long as mankind has made a three layered sandwich of textiles. Some of us humans just have to be a little different and add a little flair to the everyday practical object that takes it into the world of porn.
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Kathy Nida Current Shows

Kathy Nida makes some incredible art quilts that tell stories. She isn’t afraid to put it all out there. Quilts about the earth mother, about being a woman, family, relationships, and more. She was once accused of making pornographic quilts due to showing the human body nude. There is a huge difference between the negative destructive forces and the celebration of the human form. By our definition of porn, Kathy Nida indeed does fine work. It is stimulating and inspiring. It makes me think. Her work makes me want to go create something right now! Current Shows.via Kathy Nida Current Shows.

Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry makes quilts that are definitely quilt porn.

Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry uses the most lush rich colors in her quilts. Hand dying fabrics and careful planning and cutting result in some of the most incredible quilts that I have ever seen. You can look on her web site’s gallery at The Bryer Patch to get an idea. However, the gallery photos can not do justice to the texture and richness her quilts have in person.

If you are a math or physics wiz, you might notice her use of the Fibonacci sequence in many of her quilts. The human brain is faster and better than any known modern computer at recognizing subtle patterns and shapes. I believe this gives her quilts that use it a touch of organization that our human minds identify strongly with and thus we feel comfortable with her quilts. Even when the quilts are of wild shapes and seemingly random curves and spirals, the Fibonacci sequence is something our brains can cling to even though we do not know our brains are doing it. The sequence pulls our eyes around her quilt in a way that mesmerizes and keeps us looking at the quilt much longer than we would without.

Check out this Caryl Bryer Fallert Gentry Talks about her 30 Quilts Exhibit