Quilt Porn? Really?

Quilt Porn has been around as long as mankind has made a three layered sandwich of textiles. Some of us humans just have to be a little different and add a little flair to the everyday practical object that takes it into the world of porn.
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Longarm Lessons – How to not take it off

One late afternoon, the machine was humming along and everything was going really well. I’d already finished two charity quilts. Everything was perfect, I had enough backing provided in the quilt packages and I was racing through the third charity quilt I’d promised to do. Suddenly, disaster struck!

Oh NO!

Always measure your backing or you will be sorry.

Moral of this photo: Measure your backing even if a customer has always given you enough. Always measure!

Oh NO! NO! NO! NO! The quilt backing provided was too short! I literally slapped myself up side the head. How many times had I admonished new longarmers to measure everything provided before you even put a quilt on your machine?! How many times!?!


I called my friend Carol and put on my thinking cap. After sitting and pondering together for a bit and after a refreshing glass of _______. (iced tea?) I had an epiphany. I could solve this without taking the quilt off the machine, without having to go through the agony of getting it straight again, without having to take the several hours it seemed this disaster would need.

The solution turned out to be hilarious and my friend Carol took a video. The simple solution was to take off just the bottom of the quilt and leave the top attached.

I had a tea cart that set a small sewing machine on and just sewed a strip onto the bottom of the backing. It was a quick and easy matter to just re-attach the bottom and quilt on. Watch how I did it.

Fungia by Bette Busby

2017 Houston Quilt Show

Every year I am amazed just like the first time. This year has proven to be no different. The quilts that amaze me this year are different from years past. While technical execution of these quilts is stellar, what really makes me go gaga now days is design. I really love the organic form of this quilt.

Sonia Grasvik’s work shown at Northwest Quilting Expo 

Joanna aka Snarky Quilter posted on her blog about a trip to Oregon and a chance encounter with a quilt show. Of the photos SQ took this one stands out as exuberant quilt porn.

The colors of the hand dyed fabric contrasting with the dark background is just yummy. I want to eat this quilt or at least rub my hands on it. 

Sonia Grasvik’s quilt is beautiful. Here is the link Northwest Quilting Expo Quiltporn.

That Crazy Quilt Girl, Lisa Sipes, has a blog page about quilt porn.

I first saw a quilt that longarmer Lisa Sipes had quilted at Quilt Con 2013 (? I think that was the year). She was really inspiring. Plus I loved her pink hair. I love that she uses the F bomb and occasional uses anatomical terms as adjectives and adverbs. She speaks my language! Take a look at her blog and see what she thinks quilt porn is. Maybe it’s just anything she has quilted? She is really good at what she does.